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At American IT Partners, our philosophy is simple. We value people. Because we value you, we care about your time as well as your quality of service. In the interest of doing our utmost to deliver only the very best to you, we offer an array of services. So you can have the best security, VOIP, comms, all from a single point of contact. 

More Services

At American IT Partners, our philosophy is simple. We value people. Because we value you, we care about your time as well as your quality of service. In the interest of doing our utmost to deliver only the very best to you, we offer an array of services. So you can have the best security, VOIP, comms, all from a single point of contact. 

More Services

Managed service

Managed service


Eliminate downtime and costly business interruptions with always-on networking that you can rely on.

American IT Partners networking includes:

4G lte failover Internet
Premium business grade Wifi
All network hardware comes with lifetime warranty and next business day replacement
Hardware as a service (We provide the hardware, maintain it, service it, and support it)

Managed service

Remote Access

Whether you are a business owner or an employee, gain full desktop access to your work computers and network servers, straight from your mobile device or laptop.

American IT ensures that your remote system is continuously updated, maintained and resistant to downtime risks, so that you can maximize your productivity and business continuity.

We equip you with the right tools to work remotely effectively, including:

Drag and drop file transfer
Remote printing
Lightning fast speed
Secure connectivity solutions (VPN) so employees can access files and resources on your network
Office 365, Teams, Slack, and other remote team management tools

Managed service


You see a flashing alert on your computer. You call your IT help desk, and wait . . . and wait . . . and wait . . . Sound familiar? Say good bye to foreign call centers and hours of being on hold.

Whatever the reason for calling, here at American IT Partners, we pick up the phone – in house - and provide immediate assistance.

We are there for you to give the support that you deserve.

Break fix
We respond to service incidences. If a computer, server, storage array breaks, we will diagnose, repair and resolve it.
We support windows workstations and servers in an unlimited variety of configurations, including standard, hyper V, and cloud based Azure. 
In the event of an attack, our proactive monitoring delivers notifications to keep you informed every step of the way. Recovery and data remediation require a careful and well thought-out approach that gives consideration to both immediate business needs as well as IT security. American IT Partners applies industry leading technology to return your company to normalcy as fluidly and quickly as possible.  

Managed service

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Managed security

Managed security

Advanced Endpoint Protection

In today’s threat landscape, security specialist (experience) is essential to protecting your data.

Our security specialists monitor your endpoints constantly. When something is amiss, they notice and investigate immediately. Years of experience ensure that all of the associated risks are taken in account.

For example, a threat may register as a common Trojan. However, it may actually have Ransomware associated with it. Common anti-virus software will miss sophisticated threats. That’s why we offer premium managed endpoint protection. 

Managed endpoint protection includes:  

behavioral detection systems
signature based detection systems
constant monitoring
Protection beyond anti-virus
Sophisticated protection from large-scale malware to the most targeted attacks
Scan elimination & file de-duplication
Solutions optimized to secure your high-density business critical environments
Reputation & behavior monitoring
comprehensive assessments with detailed maps of likely incursion points and weaknesses. 

Managed security

Threat Hunting

Threat hunting is the practice of proactively searching for cyber threats that are lurking undetected in a network; the types of attacks that anti-virus misses, but a security analyst won’t.

Our threat hunting includes:

Advanced persistent threats
Fileless attacks and infections
Information gathering attacks
Other types of targeted attacks
Threat hunting will lead to a reduction in breaches and breach attempts, a smaller attack surface, better response speed, and measurable improvements in the security of your environment. 

Managed security

Vulnerability Management

“Enterprises that implement a vulnerability management process will experience 90% fewer successful attacks...”

Gartner, Predictions for IT Security Directors

Vulnerability management is a proactive security control that involves finding vulnerabilities in software and patching them to prevent unwanted access. Mobile devices and the cloud introduce new vulnerabilities and need to be a part of your overarching security strategy.

We scan computers to proactively identify and assess risk across your environment. 

Managed security

Managed Incident Response 

We monitor so that we can respond to incidents before they become problems. 

What we offer:

A qualified Incident Response Team, always just a phone call away
Incident Response Staff Augmentation
IT Forensics and Containment
Persistent Threat Management
Incident Response Plan design and documentation (we write your plan)

Managed security

Content Filtering

Our web filters provide protection from both HTTP and HTTPS security threats as well as advanced DNS filtering control. You control what websites are accessed by employees. We ensure that your computers are kept secure, by filtering malicious sites and links.

Managed security

Centralized Log Aggregation 

Our sophisticated log aggregation utilizes cutting edge technology to maximize security.

It allows you to easily track cyber-threats, investigate incidents, and 
quickly analyze data for more effective incident response.
Collect your entire infrastructure’s messages in one place, diagnose issues sooner, and quickly troubleshoot problems.
Breeze through internal audits with fast, interactive log analysis of data from all of your servers, applications, and network devices.
Find out what you've been missing. See all of your security and application information through a expertly-managed single pane of glass.

Managed security

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Web & Server Hosting

We use Litespeed for our web hosting because of the insanely fast page load speeds it provides. (Litespeed delivers 2-5 times faster page load speeds, when compared to Apache or Nginx.) Due to SEO optimization, speed is now more important than ever before when it comes to moving your sites to the top.

In addition, we’ve alarmed all authentication systems to block malicious traffic. From simple to complex architectures, your server is always secure. 

Fast and secure. It’s that simple. 


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cloud services

Cloud services

Office 365 & Google G-Suite

Whether it’s Office 365 or Google G-Suite that you require, we can roll it. Our service includes: 
Unlimited support
Unlimited backups
Secure and Compliant email

Cloud services

Compliant Backups

We ensure that 100% of your back ups are compliant to the following standards:
  • FRCP
  • GDPR
  • NIST
  • SEC
  • SOX
  • Australia Corporations Act s286 and s262a
  • And more...

Cloud services

Regulatory Standards Compliance

We ensure HIPAA compliance, as well as SOC2 compliance for your cloud infrastructure and more. We help secure your systems against popular security standards and data breach. 

Cloud services

Email Security

We deliver anti-spam, anti-phising, and training and education campaigns to educate our users.

Cloud services

Remote Workforce Enablement

We deploy virtual desktop infrastructure (VDI) to allow a remote workforce to access centralized apps. This allows your employees to use the apps they need for work, no matter where they are. 

Cloud services

Object Storage

Lightning speed, S3 compatible object storage for any business case. Our object storage features:
Up to 6x faster than AWS s3
Costs up to 3x less than AWS S3
11x9s data durability and enterprise security

Cloud Services

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