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The perfect blend of Enterprise networking features, security, and continuity; as a service.

The perfect blend of Enterprise networking features, security, and continuity; as a service.

Network as a Service

Why choose Network as a Service (NaaS) for your next business network?

Businesses choose networking as a service (NaaS for short) over traditional networking and IT security for two simple reasons; reliability and savings. With our premium NaaS networks we include internet continuity and security to keep your employees ALWAYS online and safe, which allows you to focus on your business while forgetting extended internet outages and security issues. 

Compare our NaaS with traditional networking and IT security

Traditional Networking

Spend thousands for routers, switches, firewalls, wi-fi, cabling
Spend more for dedicated backup internet
Manage independant cabling, network, and IT vendors
Spend more on update licensing and security patches
Requires expert and on-site configuration
No comprehensive Security included
If failure occurs reach out to your IT to diagnose, order, replace hardware, and pay the IT for their hours. 

American IT NAAS

incredibly low, fixed service fee
Unlimited 4G LTE backup internet for each business location included
Simple and turn-key installation. Fully managed configuration and integration.
Seamless lifetime Updates and security patches inlcuded
Unlimited confiuration included with certified networking and security experts.
Next-generation firewall, host intrusion prevention, and malware / content filtering included
All hardware is covered by a lifetime next-business-day replacement warranty and is truly plug-and-play. 
Best Performance
By trusting American IT with your business networking, your business will experience exceptional networking performance across all of your business locations with built-in security and connectivity assurance which were born in the enterprise sector. 
Simpler growth
Our customers' growth is simpler and more cost-effective compared to those who choose traditional networking and IT. We will bring everyone you need from the ISP and cabling vendor to network support and IT for one simple price. Configuration and integration are always included.
Always connected and secure
Your one service fee includes advanced security features and unlimited 4G LTE backup internet. This means that we automatically block threats from the internet and elsewhere, and we will also include an unlimited cellular internet connection for when your primary Internet Service Providers have an issue. 

Business Savings Calculator

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American IT Partners has 30 years of experience providing technical and networking services cross industries. We GUARANTEE you better connectivity, better wi-fi, better security.

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