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The perfect IT and Cloud solution for your business.

The perfect IT and Cloud solution for your business.

Managed IT + Cloud

Why choose American IT for your cloud services?

Businesses choose American IT professionally Managed IT + Cloud Services for two simple reasons; savings and service. Your dollar goes a lot farther with American IT Partners managed cloud IT strategy when compared to other Managed IT Service Providers, and it shows in our numbers.

Our Managed IT + Cloud package is comprehensive in value and includes everything your business needs to thrive and grow. Our standard package includes everything you need to get business done easily and securely while saving a ton on infrastructure and service fees. Office apps, Cloud Email, Cloud File Storage, Overlapping Security, Meetings and Live Events, Chat, Incoming and Outbound Calling, Resource and Personnel management, Org Charting, Mobility, Automation, Backups, Identity Management, External email encryption, Native Windows Integrations, and Unlimited Remote Support.
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Protected Data
Because our cloud services are backed by global exascale infrastructure, our customer teams spend more time getting to know your business needs than other IT service providers. Our team is always ready to help with your business, IT, data, and analytics questions.
We strive for excellence in every single service we deliver. From your PC to your cloud to your business location networks - American IT is here to make sure that your Tech is running optimally 24/7.
Our managed Cloud + IT Services are specifically designed to save you money and increase your business systems reliability. We save businesses up to 55% on IT and Cloud services. Go ahead and try our savings calculator below.

Cloud IT Savings Calculator

Enter the number of employees and business (brick and mortar) locations to find out how much you could be saving in Year-over-Year IT expenses
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My experiences with American IT have been AWESOME! They are very responsive and take time to view the big picture before making recommendations, a true partner in business. Highly recommend!!
Owner, Specialty Products and Distribution
We've been working with American IT for a few years, and they are absolutely wonderful. They were instrumental in helping propel our business to the next level with a solid, secure setup that is fully managed. There is no other company I would trust with my clients' data. Thank you American IT for everything you do!
Founder, Marketing and Web Development Agency
"We continue to thank American IT for the solutions and support which make our remote access and work possible. Finally we have a single point of contact for everything IT."
Academic Dean, Private Technology School
"The guys at American IT are unbelievable! Any time I have an issue they jump on remotely and I am confident I can let them fix any issues we have at my company. Thank you for showing what an IT Company really can be! I recommend American IT to any person or company with a heartbeat!"
CEO, Managed IT Service Provider
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Cloud Identity Management
Microsoft 365 Enterprise Cloud Services
24x365 SOC monitoring and advanced XDR security
Unlimited Cloud to Cloud Backups
Advanced endpoint automation and security
Advanced Phishing and Spam protection
Email Encryption Suite
Unlimited Support
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