Lightning Fast, Unmatched Visibility, & Next-Gen Security.


Lightning Fast, Unmatched Visibility, & Next-Gen Security.


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Why Switch to American IT Hosting?

The #1 reason our clients switch to hosting with us is speed. Our hosting is much faster—and cheaper—than leading platforms.

Speed matters more now than ever because Google recently started factoring it in to SEO rankings. If your SEO is great, but your website is slow, you still won’t make it to the top of the search results. Using Google’s Speed Score, American IT clients see a 30-40% speed improvement over average WP Engine and C-Panel scores.

We’re faster because our tech does full-speed caching as well as in-memory storage for the web server’s database. The cache isn’t on a disk. It’s all in memory. What does all that mean? Lightning speed that can drive your SEO—and your competitive edge.


Compare Our Hosting Services with Industry-Leading Providers.

WPEngine & Cpanel

Pay for each additional license
No provided security experts to advise you or assess your risk
No live person to handle complex or frustrating issues
Customers are sorted into business categories for licensing purposes
Higher relative load means you’ll pay for more servers
Less flexibility or control with how you divvy up your websites’ hosting resources

American IT Hosting

Pay no license fees and host hundreds of sites
Automatic Malware Scanning and Removal
Containerized protection for each domain
All Inclusive Pricing with Live support
Fit more customers on each dedicated server
Improve your page load speeds by up to 40%
Our platform is open source, giving you full control and flexibility

Hosting Features

Fast Web Hosting
American IT delivers up to 5X faster page load speeds compared to Apache or Nginx—more important than ever now that Google factors site speed into SEO rankings. 
Secure Server Hosting
All our authentication systems are configured to block malicious traffic. From simple to complex architectures, your server is always secure with us. 
Better Performance
at Lower Costs

Take your hosting and profits to the next level while driving down your costs. You need a vendor with solutions that scale with you—especially if you host many websites. That’s us.

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150% faster than leading Wordpress stacks
Up to 40% faster as measured by Google
Automatic Security and Malware removal
Unbeatable performance with our fastest built-in cache and native HTTP/3 support
Reduce your MTTR and TTFR while increasing capacity