Work Email Phishing Protection

Work Email Phishing Protection

The rapid rise in technology threats has made it essential to answer cybersecurity questions, including, what is phishing? Phishing is a cyber-attack that uses disguised emails to gather personal information. The recipient is made to believe that the message is something they need and to click a link or download an attachment. With today's escalation of cyber threats, your data must be protected. For the best work email phishing protection, you need security specialists like us at American IT Partners, who know what they are doing. We know the risks to look out for and how to improve your security position with our unsurpassed modern protection solutions for your business.

5 Ways to Prevent Phishing and Why Outsource This Task to Us

When your business faces a phishing attack, your data is exposed to hackers. It is, therefore, critical to find ways of how to protect against phishing. We are experts, and we will help to who can provide ideal security control features against the phishing threats posed to your business. With our security services, you will get top of the line security packages and immediate value at unbeatable prices. Let's explore five ways to prevent phishing and why you should outsource to us:

  1. Event Log Aggregation

One way on how to identify phishing is through log aggregation, which merges log data throughout the IT infrastructure into a central platform for analysis. Our solutions at American IT are an important tool for offering visibility into attack attempts and suspicious activity. We'll help your team constantly assess your business's security posture and pinpoint areas of focus to reinforce defenses.

We do that by aggregating event logs to conduct monitoring. We will also carry out investigations and respond appropriately to any incident. Therefore, when we discover a breach, we'll provide clues for your security team to investigate before reporting and responding to the attacks.

  1. Modern, Best in Class Endpoint Protection

The more endpoint devices in your business, the more the points criminals can attack. Our security services provide round the clock specialists to monitor your endpoints from attackers. We notice and investigate immediately when something looks off. Our endpoint security can help prevent malicious emails from getting to your employees. Further, our email security can work simultaneously with a next-gen firewall to examine and discover messages that potentially contain malware in real-time.

  1. Track Threats

Cyber attackers will use sophisticated methods to evade detection. At American IT, we will proactively look for cyber threats that go undetected in networks. We dig deep to find malicious attackers who slithered past initial security. We search through datasets and networks to detect the ever-persistent attacks and respond to cyber threats. In addition, we investigate your business networks to detect and isolate the advanced threats that persist and evade existing security solutions.

  1. Vulnerability Management

In phishing attack prevention, vulnerability management helps us spot and examine the risk in your environment for better security measures. Vulnerabilities detected are patched to prevent unwanted access. We monitor vulnerabilities that have been flagged to keep tabs on the effectiveness of patches that have been put in place.

  1. Content Filtering

Our security services offer protection from cyber-attacks using an advanced DNS filtering control system. We block emails, websites, and file types that could cause harm to your business if accessed. This service helps you control what websites your employees can access and detect email phishing scams sooner.

Switch to American IT Security Today

You need an optimized security solution for work email phishing protection in your business-critical environments. Taking these preventive measures will help stabilize your business by detecting the threats before the damage is done. And, we are here to give you the best defense against lateral attacks and complex infections. Contact American IT Partners today for a free consultation on +1 (888) 305-2123.

Work Email Phishing Protection
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Work Email Phishing Protection
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