Why Network As a Service (NaaS) and Why Ours Is Different

Our NaaS is different.
Here's How :
Hardware is Covered
In the event of hardware failure, you will receive a new replacement on the following business day. Any location, no configuration required. Installation is as simple as plugging in and getting back to business.
Backup Internet connection Included
If your internet goes down our NaaS will deliver your critical business data over 4G LTE until your internet connection comes back online.
Firmware and security updates are included
Security fix? Bug fix? Other MSPs will charge extra for these updates. With us, it’s included in the cost of the service agreement. It happens automatically.
Life cycle Management
As your network hardware approaches the end of its "life cycle", we notify you and begin replacing the hardware as needed.
What is Network As a Service?
If you’re like most companies, you’ve adopted the cloud to some degree; whether it’s as a technology, strategy, stack, etc. Some companies, such as medical providers, have fully integrated their most critical business functions with cloud technology.

When relying on the cloud, it’s essential that your networks operate securely and without interruption. Otherwise your business can halt at any time with no predictable time frame for resolution.

To ensure business continuity, these organizations subscribe to Network as a Service (NaaS). A team of true network experts guarantee that all of your business networks are:
  • Reliable
  • Connected
  • Secure
  • Monitored
  • Supported
Why Do I Need NaaS?
It can be hard to quantify the impact of a network disruption on your business. It could be an internet outage, a missing network link, a hardware issue, or any number of configuration or life-cycle problems. This can lead to under-served customers, interrupted revenue pipelines, wasted payroll hours, and disrupted employee productivity.

With NaaS you get a team of network and security experts monitoring each of your business locations with the ability to troubleshoot, configure, or even overnight ship replacements and upgrades.
Your Bottom Line
Is your business growing? Does it have plans to scale in the near future?

If so, seriously consider NaaS.

In the absence of NaaS, scaling is a significantly front loaded expense. It entails an IT discovery process, plus a quote for hardware. You pay the bill for hardware + hours for configuration (usually substantial) + maintenance from the IT company. The cost of the most simple network expansions can easily exceed $10,000.

With NaaS, scaling is simplified and affordable.

It works like this: you reach out and inform you’re MSP that you’re scaling. They add more hardware, and overnight ship the hardware to your new business location. Ultimately, you pay 70% less in total costs than you would have if you did not have NaaS.

Moreover, customers who need to connect their sites can do so automatically, using dynamic multi-point VPNs.
If you want reliable networks and easy scaling, Network as a Service is your best bet. Monitored, secure, and affordable.