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Shifting from a capital expenditures to an operational expenditure IT infrastructure model can enhance the agility of your business depending on your service portfolio and systems architecture(s).
Likewise, some organizations benefit from bringing cloud apps or services back in-house when the economics of the transition are favorable.
Let us help you move your workload and integrate it with your assets and processes.

Technical Projects

  • Network planning and migration
  • Regulatory framework audit, remediation, and accreditation
  • Third party application integration
  • Implementation management
  • Vendor management
  • Wireless link planning and execution across the spectrum; CSMA, TDD, and FDD implementations

Security Management

Managed incident detection and response is when we manage your host security operations with our world-class 24/7/365 Security Operations Center (SOC). We can detect and respond to complex, targeted, fileless, and lateral attacks from within our outside of your network.


We support all major manufacturers and systems, and are ready to tackle your service interruption, advanced deployment issues, or help plan for growth and change in your organization.
  • Life-cycle management
  • Upgrade path planning
  • Network and storage fabric
  • Cloud & On-Premises
  • Break-fix | Hardware & Systems
  • FOSS & Enterprise Linux
  • Microsoft Server technologies

Cloud Monitoring

Let us worry about your up-time for you! We can calculate your systems' performance over time and offer customized availability and capacity consulting.


Testing backups and managing hardware lifecycles goes a long way towards increased uptime when your codebase is fixed.

With us managing your system life-cycles you'll enjoy fewer emergencies, leaving you plenty of time for that project you've been putting off!
Let us host your enterprise apps! We can deliver services like your windows app or web-based CRM on world-class substrates while we monitor uptime and performance for you!


Let us do your next service design and save!

Managed Service Model

Our white-glove tailored SMB managed service packages can help your organization scale and save. We roll enterprise services anywhere in the country with short lead times. Call or text us today to find out more!


We deliver enterprise-grade services anywhere in the USA.
  • Voice + Phones
  • Access and edge segment network-as-a-service
  • Enterprise route+switch
  • Unlimited 4G LTE failover for your data+voice
  • Office Productivity (o365, gsuite)
  • IDPS, OSSEC, Endpoint Security, Log aggregation, and DNS security filtering
  • Dedicated co-located servers
  • Enterprise backup-as-a-service
  • Dedicated and secure support helpdesk

unparalleled visibility

We work hard to ensure that you're kept in the loop. With full access to your infrastructure and agile knowledge management, we work hard to make sure you feel like we're your IT partners, not your IT overlords.

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