Microsoft 365 automation for business

And tips to improve your Microsoft 365 enterprise computing experience
Cloud Native Automation
Automating tedious tasks in Microsoft365 can be a seriously rewarding effort.

Have you ever wanted to automatically extract the email attachments coming from and put them somewhere specific (like a report or fax) - or maybe even notify someone that it was placed there?

Have you ever wanted to get a notification when your critical business files are changed or viewed?

Have you ever wanted to set up an automatic document approval process, or just share or co-author a large set of documents with an outside organization or consultant?

There's a flow, script, or connector for all of that and more! Now you just have to think of what to do with all of that time you've saved!
If you have Microsoft 365 E3 or higher, you can leverage this functionality today! Talk with your Microsoft Enterprise service delivery partner for more instructions about your specific implementation. Feel free to schedule a consultation with us below if you'd like to find out how to partner with us to make your work easier!
Server-less files, backups, automatic restore, and mobility
With Microsoft365 Enterprise, you can remove expensive servers and PC backup services or appliances from your business plan. 
PC Files, Mobility, and Backups
This service comes with best-in-class automatic backup and restore functionality for windows PCs which also enables enterprise mobility. Now you can seamlessly move around from computer to computer with your existing files and configuration without any help from IT. With the correct cloud configuration, your work PCs will automatically back up and sync your important personal files and settings to the cloud and sync them to each device you log in to with enterprise credentials. This means your PC is backed up all the time, and synced to any new or temporary device immediately and automatically upon sign-in.

Go ahead an work from the office with the window today! Or, go ahead and use your laptop today!
With the right service delivery partner, your business can make on-site servers a plaything of the past and remove them from your existing infrastructure for good. Store your important business files in the secure cloud and securely distribute your file shares by employee role, department, or on an ad-hoc basis. American IT Partners has decades of migration experience and can drive your cloud transformation for you no matter where your business files are today.
Imagine taking a freshly purchased computer out of the box and logging in with your business credentials and watching as your business programs, security apps, and files are loaded up automatically during your sign-in... It's that easy!
With some help from your service delivery partner, your Line of Business apps, printers, and security programs can be deployed automatically by script and policy when computers are enrolled with the enterprise. This can seriously reduce the time to recovery during a transition or upgrade. 

If you need some help automating your software deployment, feel free to reach out to our team. 
Other considerations
Cloud backups
Of course; cloud2cloud backups are critical when relying on OneDrive as a desktop file integration (like folder redirection), and even more important when used as a file-sever technology replacement with SharePoint Online and Intune. Most security-focused service delivery partners will offer user accessible and archival secure backups.
If you have any questions about this, schedule a free consultation with us below to find out how we do it.
Phishing and Email Protection
With your new cloud office comes some new attack surfaces. Make sure your employees have every tool available to them to keep their identity and your company data safe. Some of the more advanced service delivery partners will even distribute false campaigns with real training materials. Reach out to our dedicated support team to find out how we do this.
Is your business adopting a cloud-first IT strategy? Schedule a free consultation with our skilled team today to make sure that your bases are covered!