World-Class Voice and Network for Healthcare

Always-connected and highly secure; our MediCore customers spend more time with their patients and less time with their IT resources.
Our voice and connectivity assurance services come with SLA-Backed, USA-based, engineer-level support.
Our managed services are billed at ultra-low fixed monthly rates. We work hard to surprise our customers with how much they save when switching.

Over 20 years of serious industry experience.

We are a premier information and technology service provider for healthcare businesses and institutions. Our specialty is small to midsize line-of-business technology in the healthcare industry. We serve clients who provide professional healthcare services and rely on the cloud, internet, and phones. Our customers, in turn, rely on American IT Partners to keep them secure, online, and communicating. With a strong background in distributed systems architecture; our customers come to us for turn-key and compliant networks, security, cloud, IAM, and voice.

Looking for something specific?

Security Management

We can help your organization maintain custom security baselines and milestones.
From managed incident detection & response to DLP and security policy engineering; we're ready to secure your business ops no matter how complex your needs.

Managed Services

We roll enterprise-grade managed services anywhere in the country with short lead times! Get in touch with us today to talk about our voice, network, failover, support, cloud, and security as a service offerings.

Cloud integrations and liberations

Shifting from a capital expenditures to an operational expenditure IT infrastructure model can enhance the agility of your business depending on your service portfolio and systems architecture(s).
Likewise, some organizations benefit from bringing cloud apps or services back in-house when the economics of the transition are favorable.

Technical Projects

Some examples include :
Network migrations, Regulatory framework audit, remediation, and accreditation oversight, implementation management, Vendor management
...And much more...

Server Support

We support all major manufacturers and systems, and are ready to tackle your service interruption, advanced deployment issues, or help plan for growth and change in the organization.


We’re well-versed in HA systems design, and would love to chat about how to increase your uptime.
  • Incident management
  • DR / BC consulting
  • N+1 Redundancy
  • Knowledge Management


Shoot us a message to schedule a meeting about your needs.