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Cloud First IT Services for Business

Managed Cloud Services

Reliable, Cost-Effective, and Secure.

Our cloud service packages are designed to save your business money on IT expenses, while enabling rock-solid performance and unlimited data and user growth. Imagine your business data always online and secure, your colleagues able to collaborate and communicate from anywhere, and your business uninterrupted by outages. Now imagine you don't need servers to get it done. This is the American IT way.


Build Security into Your Business with Us.

Our managed security services combine cutting-edge technology with deep traditional expertise and signature American IT savings. From advanced endpoint protection to incidence response and threat hunting, your data is safe when you hire American IT.


Network Devices and Services with serious performance

Unlock rapid growth, experience rock-solid wi-fi, and guard your business against threats and downtime with our Network-As-a-Service (NaaS) package. Our Networking as a Service is the new way that businesses are staying connected and secure while saving time and money. We provide, install, cable, configure, and maintain your network so you can get down to business and forget things like security problems and internet outages. 


Looking for something more specific?

Check out the list of custom and managed services which American IT offers.