Frequently Asked Questions

What are Managed IT Services?
A managed IT service is a more proactive approach to traditional IT, in which systems are monitored continuously and more completely. We start with highly skilled engineers and adopt frameworks for delivering exemplary services.

Advanced telemetry and automation systems give us the insight we need to address incidents before they turn into disruptions. This is a strategic complement to traditional break-fix methodology, in which a system crashes requiring an IT technician to intervene and potentially impact the operations of the business to resolve the issue.

In this way, managed services minimize loss of data and help you maximize your business operations. In the majority of cases, small and mid-sized businesses find out all too late that managed IT services are far more cost-effective, pragmatic, and efficient while supporting organizational growth.

Managed services can include:
  • 24 x 7 x 365 monitoring of your organization’s systems
  • Unlimited support via phone, email, and the portal
  • Monitored and tested backups of your most critical systems and files
  • The latest antivirus, security software, and critical updates
  • Systems and hardware lifecycle management
  • Compliance consulting, and the subsequent technological policy enforcement
  • White-Glove managed service delivery for your core process dependencies (e.g. ERP, accounting, EMR, CAD, CRM, CMS)
Would your company benefit from Managed IT Services?
Companies of all sizes and market benefit from IT managed services worldwide. Through 24/7 monitoring and some proactive planning, your company’s data – and your clients’ info – is kept safe. Security risks are identified and mitigated automatically. Companies can expect to measure increased efficiency and decreased downtime when switching to an IT managed service provider. And with fixed-rate pricing, managed services are far more affordable than break-fix methodology – resulting in cost savings for your company.

Still not sure? If your answer is “no” or "maybe" to any of the following questions, your company stands to gain from managed services.
  • Do your computer and technical resources consistently help you address your business goals?
  • Do you know for certain that your business systems are clean, healthy, and operating only as you expect them to?
  • Do you keep track of which equipment on your network is aging and might need replacing in the next year?
  • Are you certain that your business systems are running only programs which have a local image on the disk?
  • Do you know if your servers and desktops have the latest critical security updates?
  • Do you have one number to call for all of your technology service requirements?
  • Do you hear from your IT resource before imminent and planned outages?
  • Can you rely on your current technical resources to elevate your operations when your business goals begin to outpace your current system life-cycles?

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